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Katalyst is a service design agency focused on creating scalable, balanced servicescapes for retail and QSR brands.

Our proven frameworks have helped hundreds of business owners grow world-class service organizations across thousands of locations.

Strategy: Scalable Service Excellence

At the core of every thriving service brand is the ability to deliver consistent, exceptional experiences. Accomplishing that at scale is a daunting challenge that demands unwavering dedication to service excellence across every dimension of the business. Those who accomplish this not only set the standard for service leadership but also unlock financial rewards with the power to reshape family legacies for generations to come.

Our consulting services are rooted in decades of industry insights and experience, having crafted thousands of locations that balance the customer, employee, and owner experience. Our approach is holistic and backed by research from the world’s foremost service marketing experts. We will dive deep into your organization, market positioning, and operational challenges, to ensure you’re equipped to create and maintain service excellence as you scale.

By partnering with us, you gain access to:

Service Excellence Assessments: Insights and strategies to optimize operational efficiency, enhance service delivery, and foster a culture of excellence.

Quick Brick Program: Tailored frameworks and tools that align with your brand’s vision, while driving speed and ROI for brick-and-mortar location growth.

Franchisee Support Systems: Tools and methodologies that empower your franchisees. Ensuring they not only meet but exceed brand standards and are setup for success.

Execution: From Vision to Reality

Big buildings full of smart people, master craftsmen and advanced robots supported by sophisticated planning tools and project management software are the minimum requirements for a vendor that can get the job done.

You don’t just need a better vendor, you need a partner that acts as an extension of your team. A partner that doesn’t just know what to do, but why to do it, and how it leads to success for your business.

Our comprehensive suite of services supports locations from the planning stage to opening day and beyond. We’re not just consultants; we’re builders, designers, and implementers dedicated to bringing your brand to life. With Katalyst, you’re not just opening stores, you’re launching platforms for sustained growth and long term success.

Our execution services include:

Fractional Experts: A team of interior architects, graphic and industrial designers, and project managers bring just the right amount of what you need to your team.

Program Manufacturing: Our premier manufacturing facility has been purpose built to support multi-location brand growth with the highest levels of excellence and flexibility.

Logistics: Strategically located in Kansas City, we offer coast-to-coast support for your locations, including consolidation and onsite services.

Take a look at this sample of experiences created for some amazing folks just like you!

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